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This  is our 1960's plot with Italian connections and some mystery surrounding the demise of a wealthy woman.

There are celebrations for an engagement party and the fascination of an aunt with her equine obsession for her favourite horse so be prepared for some high jinx in this murderous plot of family fortunes and fall outs.


Murder in Mind, the exclusive murder mystery company that bring you the Kings Feast with live sword play, dancing and magic, are delighted to have Will Arnold on board with us for many of our murders but as Will is mostly known for his portrayal as a knight on horseback performing at Warwick Castle, he will  be appearing in our next medieval  performance to be announced very soon!

Enjoy an overnight stay package and a sumptuous three course meal.

Our actors will entertain you with twists and turns, fun and frolics and tears and tantrums as they act out a story that keeps you guessing.

Don't forget that we offer a prize for the most in depth correct answer and a certificate so watch carefully, study the evidence and find out WHODUNNIT!

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Hell hath no fury and this woman is not a happy one. Infidelity and revelations will add more twists and turns than a roller coaster but will you see through it all to help solve the murder?

a tale of deception, intrigue and Murder

It is the evening of the  Moonshine Drinks annual prize giving 

but will the evening go according to plan? Or will a bitter murderer sour the evening?



Tonight the First Dates  pilot gameshow is taking place  and they are looking to match couples who are compatible. Dicky is hoping it will go well and lead to more work for him. The show will lead to more mayhem as the night unfolds.


Morston Manor has been the family home of the Harris family for hundreds of years.

Tonight will see the gathering of the current Harris family members enlisting the help of a renown medium, Vanya Kiminski. They want two answers.....what happened to uncle Jeramiah and more importantly, where is the Harris fortune???

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spy master


The year is 1944, plans for the invasion of Europe are well established and the dirty tricks department are in full flow. Are all the candidates as honest as they seem?

a wedding to die for


Suzy is going to marry Paul.

The love of her life. She has waited since she was a little girl for this day and nothing is going to spoil it. 

Not everything goes to plan and there are a few skeletons in the cupboard that seem to be making an appearance.

Santa maybe?


It's Christmas time at Hamworths, the children can't wait to see Santa but where is he? Santa has gone AWOL and the queue of children is getting more impatient. Is there a ding dong merrily on high? The panto will liven things up. Oh yes it will with the entrance of Dame Figgy Pudding.

the kings feast


  The year is 1486. Henry Vll is the King of England after his victory over Richard lll at the Battle of Bosworth. This battle was to end the Wars of the Roses. Now, one year on, Henry has ordered a grand feast in celebration of the anniversary of that day in August 1485

hold the front page!


Two newspapers are up for the Best Story of The Year Award.

Who has the most sensational story and was that story extracted by underhand tactics?

Rivalry and relationships ensue in this tale of greed and deception.

where there's a wife.....


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this evening will prove it!

There seems to be some questions that need to be answered  in this evening of revenge, deception and murder.